Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to Fall

Is there a better time of the year in Central Ohio than fall? Springtime can be lovely in Central Ohio, our summers have been quite mild the last few years and the time between Thanksgiving and March Madness is only enjoyable if you like to ski, play hockey or drive slowly on the way to the office. Let’s look at all we have to look forward to this season.

Kids go back to school – For those of us with children, there may be no sweeter sound than that early morning alarm clock on the day the school year begins.

Warm afternoons & cool nights – Admit it, you long for the type of weather that you can break out the sweatshirts and blue jeans. And who doesn’t like hitting the snooze button one time on those mornings with the windows open and a brisk chill in the air?

A Sports Buffet – College football has begun and suddenly, the world is right again. Whether you’re a loyal Buckeye fan or not, you have to love fall Saturday’s in Columbus. Tailgating outside Ohio Stadium, visiting HineyGate or stopping by the Varsity Club should be a requirement of anyone claiming to be a college football fan.

You also have the NFL getting into full swing, the Ryder Cup in Louisville, The Columbus Crew is actually playing well this year and the baseball pennant races are in full swing. It also won’t be long until the Columbus Blue Jackets will drop the puck and hopefully skate their way into the NHL playoffs for the first time. A true sports fan should always have three things within reach – a cold beer, the remote control and a bottle of Tums.

Get Out of the House – Locals are certainly blessed with a wonderful selection of things to do outdoors. Between a large selection of metro parks, plenty of green space, The Columbus Zoo and The Franklin Park Conservatory, you’ll find an easy excuse to get out of yard work.

The “New & Improved” fall season hits the airwaves – Tired of reruns and political ads yet? Well, you might not be able to avoid the mud-slinging but if you’re ready for some new shows and returns of old favorites, this is the time for you. Who’s not excited for returns of The Office, Boston Legal, Grays Anatomy and Survivor?

I’ve never been into politics. I never felt that you needed politics to have a party but if that’s your boat, good for you. Support your candidate of choice and have fun. Just remember that after November 3rd, win or lose, we’re all on the same team and we’ve got to live together. As for me, I’m not interested in who’s leading the straw polls. I’m more interested in the teams at the top of the coach’s poll.