Sunday, April 13, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • On Sports:

Does anyone have a better job than Jim Nantz of CBS Sports? This guy gets front row seats at the best games of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship (March Madness) and then spends a week hanging out amidst the azaleas and dogwoods of Augusta National for The Masters. For the record, Nantz does a wonderful job at both events and really helps the audience feel connected.

Speaking of The Masters, when Arnold Palmer walks down to the first tee on Thursday to hit the symbolic "first tee shot" to open the tournament, why does he make his caddy carry his entire bag of clubs?

  • On Television

Thank God the writers striker is over. It sure is good to have some original episodes of the best shows back on the air. Two of the best are:

The Office - The first new episode featured a dinner party at Michael and Jan's condo. Invited guests included Jim and Pam as well as Andy and Angela. Dwight, who wasn't officially invited because he isn;t in a relationship with someone, did show up with someone - his boyhood babysitter. I watched this one in a hotel room in Cincinnati and probably made people in nearby rooms wonder what was happening in room 409 with my boisterous laughter.

LOST - Really, these episodes were already "in the can" prior to the strike, but the action has been fantatstic. We now know who the "Ocenaic 6" are and will have a few weeks to learn more about their predicaments as well as those who will obviously be left behind.

Does Paula Abdul have naked pictures of American Idol producers? How can this dishrag still have a job. Her feedback and input for the show's contestants is horrendous. Something tells me her next gig will be on one of two shows - Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew or The Surreal Life

Hell's Kitchen - The saddest thing about this show is there are thousands of people who wanted to be contestants on this show who weren't selected and must still be working in some kitchen somewhere. Have you seen how bad some of these "chefs" are? Yikes. As my wife Ronda points out - you would think after three seasons now, if you were going to be on this show you should figure out how to cook rissoto, shouldn't you?

  • On Politics

Anyone else tired of the election yet? Good Lord, we still have 7 months to go!

  • On Business

Farewell Skybus, We Hardly Knew Ye - Columbus based discount airline Skybus has flown off into the sunset. Well, the actually didn't fly off but is there a literary way of saying they were grounded into the bankruptcy court? I did have a chance to enjoy one trip on Skybus back in February. While I didn't get one of the $10 seats, the flight was a bit less expensive than similar "brand" airlines. But after the excess travel (renatl car) and luggage fees, it probably wasn't worth it.

Tell me what you've been thinking about lately. Any vacations, job changes are